Perez Carrillo Cigar – La Historia

Stopped by The Cave Craft Beer and Smoke Shop up on Rose Hill yesterday. I’ve driven by this place a bunch of times but never had the opportunity to go inside and actually check it out. Well, yesterday I just happened to be out of cigars. I know what you’re saying: “How could you possibly be out of cigars? You of all people?”

Well, my pals over at UPS decided that my company was not worthy to receive deliveries on Friday the day before the 4th of July. Really? My office is a block away from their terminal!

UPS Exception Reason:


Anyway, I was totally out of cigar come Sunday.
The Cave up on Rose Hill used to be an old 7-11 before they totally transformed it into what it is now. BIG transformation too! It’s actually quite an inviting shop! Very comfortable atmosphere, open and friendly, and just about every beer you can think of. If they don’t have the beer you’re looking for, you’re not from planet earth. They have everything!
But technically all I cared about on Sunday was their cigar selection. I could have gone to the Tobacco Patch, but I really wanted to see the inside of this store.Finally…

The cigar selection isn’t the biggest in town, but what they do have on display are some of the finest cigars around. Excellent choices. I was impressed. Prices are not bad as well. Honestly, if they had a place to smoke cigars here, this would definitely be my new hangout! It’s very nice!
So what did I think about the cigar that I picked out – it’s a beauty!


E.P. Carrillo Cigars
Perez Carrillo – La Historia

When I lit up the cigar the first thing that came to my mind was: “this taste just like an AJ Fernandez New World” – one of my favorite! The New World is a bit less expensive and it has a more defined box press shape, but in the taste department it is very similar to La Historia. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that it’s not even close, but in my opinion it is!
Bottom line: it’s an EXCELLENT cigar!
Would I buy one again? Hell yes!
Would I buy one of these over a New World? Depends… I really liked this cigar, but sometimes the price dictates my choices in the end. If money is not a factor in the equation, I’d take La Historia.
Side notes:
Probably the warmest summer on record so far – temps in the 90’s every day. I don’t think I remember it ever being this nice or hot in June before. I mean 90 degrees in June has got to be a typo? June is always cold and wet here. I’m not complaining – I love it! And it looks like the heatwave is going to continue. This was the hottest 4th of July on record as well!

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