Alec Bradley Event @ Rain City Cigar, July 10th



Friday, July 10th 2015 3-6 pm
Rain City Cigar

in Beautiful Downtown Georgetown



Alec Bradley Cigars

Alec Bradley just released a new blend, Sanctum, which has gotten lots of love from the online cigar community already.
One reviewer, who is already a big fan of the brand went so far as to call it The Best Alec Bradley Cigar. Period.

And the $7-$9 price point keeps them deliciously affordable!


We’ve stocked up on the new Sanctum, as well as (most of) your favorite Alec Bradley blends, and we’re ready to roll with the deals!

~~~~~ Speaking of Deals ~~~~~


  • Buy 4 Get 5% off, plus 1 free cigar
  • Buy 7 Get 10 % off, plus 2 free cigars
  • Buy 10 Get 10 % off, plus 3 free cigars
  • Buy a full or mixed box of 20+ Get 15% off, plus 7 cigars!

(Seriously, with the discount and “freebies”, you could be paying as little as $4.52 per cigar if you go for the box deal!)


~~~~~ Rain City Cigar Event Day Discounts ~~~~~


  • – 5% off 1-4 Alec Bradley Cigars!
  • – 10% off 5-19 Alec Bradley Cigars!!
  • – 15% off (full or mixed) boxes of 20 or more

Alec Bradley cigars!!!



It’s been HOT, HOT, HOT!!

Beverages are on Joe!


We will have the “25 Foot Cigar Lounge” up and running so that you can enjoy your cigars in comfort come rain or shine! (who are we kidding, it’s going to SHINE)


Can’t make it Friday? No worries, we’ll continue the specials on Saturday while supplies last.

Hope to see you here! ~Your friends at Rain City Cigar

Rain City Cigar | 5963 Corson Ave. S. | Seattle | WA | 98108

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