Couple of Keepers, and One Dud

Snowed an inch or two on Saturday morning, covered just about everything, except the roads. Very pretty outside!
Anyway, I’ve got a couple cigars that you might want to try, and one to avoid.
First, the keepers:
Aging Room Quattro F55 
Smoked this one on Friday night out on our back deck, freezing cold outside by the way, but my cheapo patio heater is proving to be worth its weight in gold.
Not really sure when, where, or why I bought this cigar, well, I guess I know”why” I would buy it – the beautiful dark box-pressed wrapper. This is the kind of wrapper and shape that always catches my eye – love the way a box-press feels. Nice…
So how did it smoke? Fantastic, of course. Smooth and flavorful, not overly powerful in any way. Draw and volume of smoke were right on the money. I asked my lovely wife what she thought of it, and she replied “it’s a keeper” as well.
Time to invest in a few more of these – They’re that good!

Now for number two:

Illusione Singulare EL

Limited Edition 5 1/2 x 54

I was up at the Snoqualmie Casino on Saturday night. I started out at the craps tables, but quickly lost what I’d set out to spend. Kind of weird too because I usually win at craps. Anyway, I decided to try my luck at one more thing before heading over to the Lit Lounge – Video Poker at the bar. Glad I did too – can you say: “Winner!”
Anyhow, the wifey-poo and I stopped by the Lit Lounge after that for a cigar and a few drinks. My friend Josh, El Jefe at the Lit, was there and recommended a very nice limited edition Illusione. I knew it had to be a special cigar because he pulled this one out from the cabinets underneath. Oh yeah, I’m special….
So what did I think? In my opinion, probably one of the best cigars that I’ve smoked this year! I told Josh that he knows my taste all too well, because he picked a cigar that is exactly what I am looking for. Absolutely perfect smoke!
I might add that this is a limited edition, so don’t dilly-dally, get out and try one now before they’re all gone!
And now for the dud:
CAO Flathead Spark Plug
I’ll start out by saying that I’m a fan of the CAO Flathead series – they’re great cigars! But in my opinion, the Spark Plug doesn’t do it at all for me – maybe too strong, too harsh, or maybe it’s just a nasty cigar overall. I don’t know, I just couldn’t warm up to it. I’ve tried these a few times now and every time they’ve all turn out to be the same – UGH! Don’t like em at all!
Yes, you might want to avoid this one. However, if you like a high-test, ultra strong, kinda nasty cigar, this might be right up your alley. Who knows?



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