CAO Amazon Basin

I’ll start by saying that this is one of the best cigars I’ve smoked all year! Seriously!

A few weeks back I bought a box of these while at the Washington Cigar & Spirits Festival. My friend Lily, who knows much more about cigars than yours truly, recommended that I give them a try. She raved about how this was such a great smoke! Heck, if Lily says they’re good, they’ve got to be damn good!

Anyway, I remember at the CAO booth when I bought these, the rep gave me a somewhat lengthy description of the process that it takes to get this tobacco to market. He went on to tell me about the virgin land in the amazon rain forest where the tobacco is grown, how it is fermented, packed, and processed. And finally, how it is floated down river in canoes. Canoes, really? He made it all sound so exotic. Since I travel to Brazil every year, I’m going to guess that the story was a bit exaggerated. No big deal though…

That being said, this is without a doubt an excellent cigar! Medium to full body, perfect draw, tons of creamy smoke, and a delicious full flavored taste. Honestly, I’d take this over a Padron. I’m not kidding either – It’s that good!

Oh, and the gimmicky label that looks like string wrapped around the wrapper – well those strings are made of tobacco, and yes, you can smoke that too! Taste just fine I might add. Feel free to smoke this cigar right down to the nub, you’re gonna love it!

Yes, I definitely would recommend that you give this cigar a try!



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