Tobacco Patch Kirkland – Rocky Patel Event, Saturday, Aug 9 2014

So a couple of items to report, firstly, and maybe most importantly, it looks like the gang has moved back to its old hang out in front of the Tobacco Patch. I swung by last night while I was on my evening walk and said “hi” to the group. Not sure how long this is going to last, but for now all is well! Definitely stop by if you’re in the neighborhood!

Secondly, if you’re around tomorrow night (Saturday), the Tobacco Patch is having a Rocky Patel Event. It starts at 6pm, and it will go until 10pm. Should be a great evening for cigars, plus Kirkland is having their annual Kirkland Summerfest this weekend, Friday thru Sunday. This is really a BIG event – live music, tons of food, and of course the artsy fartsy stuff. I’m going to try to make it down on Saturday night and maybe Sunday afternoon. Maybe I’ll see you down there?


Update: Just received an update from the owner of the Tobacco Patch: 

Buy A Box Get FREE CIGAR LIGHTER  ($90.00)
Buy 3 Cigars Get 1 FREE




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