Seattle Seahawks Win 2014 Super Bowl!


Well, they did it! The Seattle Seahawks have won their first Super Bowl!

I had no doubt that they’d win, I mean after the first play of the game, when the Denver center hiked the ball to Manning, and the ball goes sailing over his head and into the end zone for a Safety. I mean really, how much better could the game have started out? Actually, a whole lot! It just got better and better from there. Unbelievable game and an incredible season!

Best Season, Best Team, Best Fans!

Saw this on FlightAware – check out the flight path of the Seahawk 12th Man 747, which was made over Washington State!

(courtesy FlightAware)
(courtesy FlightAware)

Go Hawks! 


Anyway, I had a chance to smoke a few victory cigars over the weekend:

Partagas Benji Homage 62

Foundry No 1 Wells 

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Cameroon


So what did I think? 

If they gave a prize for the best wrapped cigar, and I’m not talking tobacco wrapper, but wrapping, like wrapping a present, the Partagas Benji would win in every category. Beautiful presentation! Each cigar delicately wrapped in a fine tissue with multiple Partagas labels on the inside and outside wrappers – very, very nice job, and I’m sure it is very labor intensive to produce. 
However, that being said, it was not my favorite cigar from the bunch. No, even though this looks like it would be a stellar cigar –  perfect size, shape, color, aroma, and that oily wrapper – it just didn’t cut it for me. Maybe I didn’t care for the full bodied taste? I don’t know, maybe… The draw was also tight, and it didn’t produce the volumes of smoke that I normally would expect. 
My rating: Meh… won’t buy this again. 
Next the Foundary No.1 Wells (the one with the sprocket ring band)
I’ll skip to the bottom line – Meh, didn’t much care for it. I like the gimmicky sprocket ring, but other than that I wouldn’t buy it again. Just didn’t care much for the taste, smokes fine, just didn’t like it. 
Lastly, the Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 CAMEROON
In my opinion, this is by far the superior cigar! I’m not really a Rocky Patel fan, but this one I loved! Draw, taste, amount of smoke, all incredibly good! Don’t care much for the label, but the cigar is excellent.
Would I buy it again? Heck YES! 
Now, just a disclaimer here, the above opinions are my own, your mileage and taste may vary, which I’m sure they will, but if your taste buds are like mine, check out the RP Vintage 2003 Cameroon – you are gonna love it! I swear! 
Thanks Richard for suggesting it! 

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