Cigars in French Polynesia

If there is one lesson that I’ve learned from travelling overseas:
Never assume that they sell cigars where you’re going! 
I just got back from two glorious weeks in the South Pacific, and yes, I followed the code and packed two weeks’ worth of cigars in my suitcase. Good thing I did too, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any place that sells them over there. We visited 6 islands and I never did come across one shop, bar, or lounge that sold cigars. The only exception that I found is when you are leaving Tahiti, they have a nice Duty Free Shop at the airport that has an excellent selection of cigars, Cuban as well, but this is for departing passengers only! Doesn’t do much good if you’re just getting there…
Anyway, we had a great time – beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, friendly people, and sting rays/manta rays all over the fricking place! Unbelievable! Amazing to watch them glide along so gracefully so close to you.
If you do get out this way, make sure to stop by Rangiroa, this was probably my favorite place – words cannot describe how pretty it is there…
Side note: 
So the day before our flight back to the USA, it rained, but only in the morning, the afternoon was just cloudy, and I’m not talking that thick Seattle marine layer cloudy, but just high clouds with really no chance of sun. Anyway, my lovely wife and I decided to sit next to the pool at the hotel and relax, I mean heck, it’s 89º out here! Now the entire 2 weeks that we’ve been here, I’ve been using 50 and 30 SPF sunscreen, and I’ve got a pretty good tan going. Well, guess who forgot to put on sunscreen on this wonderfully cloudy day? Yep, I got burnt to a crisp. Oh man, my face was charred big time. I really should have known better too, because a few years back we were at the beach in the south of Brazil (Camboriu, SC), and it rained for a week straight, so on the last day of our vacation I decided not to put on any sunscreen, I mean it’s cloudy, what could possibly happen? Yeah, thinking like a Seattleite can get you in big trouble. I hope I’ve finally learned my lesson…
Watch for my next blog – going to review a humidor that I bet you’ve never seen before….

Take care!


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