La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

Big Dog Cigar – 6.5 x 60

You know, when I look at this cigar sitting on the counter all by itself, it looks pretty normal – rich color wrapper, normal proportions, attractive label, everything looks just fine, but when I pick it up and hold it in my hand, I gotta tell ya: “IT WAS MADE FOR A GIANT!”  No kidding – It’s big, very BIG! That being said, once you get over that awkwardness of puffing on a cigar of this enormity (60 gauge), you’ll see that it’s really a great smoke, even for all us little people. Honestly, who was this cigar designed for?

Anyway, I’ve smoked a bunch of these double ligeros in all shapes and sizes, and they’re not as ass-kicking as you might think. Yes, they’re definitely fuller bodied than say your run-of-the-mill Oliva, but all-in-all they’re pretty darn smooth and not as peppery as you’ve been led to believe. Draw and burn are pretty much right on the mark, never had any complaints, and the cigar produces a fair amount of smoke. It’s really the perfect “after-dinner” cigar and it pairs well with just about anything – bourbon or rum tend to be my libations of choice these days.

Would I buy it again? Heck yes! It may not be at the top of my list and I doubt I’ll buy one of these baseball bats again, but for sure I’ll buy the double ligero blend. Delicious smoke!

Side Notes: 

News on HB 1750 / SB 5070 (establishing special license endorsements for cigar lounges and retail tobacconist shops) – just thought you might be curious where the Bill stands…

History of the Bill

as of Tuesday, November 26, 2013 12:53 PM

Sponsors: Representatives PettigrewCarlyleHurstCondottaBlakeKirbyChandlerGoodman,SpringerJohnsonRodneSheaBuysMacEwenMoscoso
Feb 7 First reading, referred to Business & Financial Services. (View Original Bill)
Feb 14 Public hearing in the House Committee on Business & Financial Services at 10:00 AM. (Committee Materials)
Feb 19 Executive action taken in the House Committee on Business & Financial Services at 8:00 AM. (Committee Materials)
BFS – Executive action taken by committee.
BFS – Majority; do pass. (Majority Report)
Minority; do not pass. (Minority Report)
Feb 21 Referred to Appropriations.
May 13 By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status.
Nov 7  By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status.

If you’d like to send a little note to your state representative, follow this link: 

Wishing You and Yours a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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