J&J Cigars Newsletter & EVENT INVITATION: April 24, 2013

Dear Friends,


On May 7th, we have the privilege of presenting the Regius of London brand to Washington State. The cigar has gathered rave reviews around the world since it hit the European market in 2009. Akhil Kapacee, a finance professional in England, launched the brand after falling in love with cigars. He moved to Nicaragua soon thereafter and began blending the Regius Black Label with Nestor Plasenscia. The Black Label, a Nicaraguan puro, is the only non-Cuban cigar sold at Davidoff of London and impresses even the most demanding lovers of Cuban cigars.

Join us on May 7th at 5pm-9pm to meet Ahkil and to discover this revolutionary cigar for yourself.

Event Details:
  • Buy three, get one
  • Buy six, get two
  • Buy a box of 20 or more, get 5 and a special gift
Adult beverages will be served

Please call (206) 724-0111 with questions about this event or Regius Cigars


As we leave winter behind and opportunities for cigar enjoyment become increasingly numerous, J&Js inventory is continually growing. In the last few months, we have seen lots of new stock hit the shelves. Here are some highlights:

‘Rapture’ by Viva Republica: These beautiful cigars are rolled at the Aurora factory in the Dominican Republic. Their sugary barnyard and graham cracker flavor and aroma are distinctive and very pleasing. We have multiple sizes in stock.

‘HL’ (Holy Lance) Candela by Illusione: This unusual and rare cigar smokes with notes of white pepper and the crisp sweetness of fresh cut grass, distinctively aromatic and candy-like. On the very tail of the sugary bouquet, there is something elusive and unusual that reminds me of the piercing tang of a very hoppy lager. It is uniquely herbal herbal and presents an earthiness that is more like wet stones in the sun than the dark, chocolate qualities we detect in cigars with traditionally cured wrappers. This cigar is very worth trying and will certainly expand your horizons.

‘Epernay’ by Illusione: Here is another fantastic offering from Illusione. This cigar is of uncommon refinement and quality. Strong notes of roasted nuts, leather, and sweet tobacco are presented both in its aroma and flavor. Although this cigar is very tame in many respects, it definitely commands the attention of the smoker and offers a quality smoking experience that has earned it a loyal following among J&J clientele.
‘Noella’ and ‘Regio’ Reserva by Tatuaje: Tatuaje has been famously successful at creating cigars that are met with instant acclaim as they hit the market. Over the years, Pete Johnson has created some amazing cigars for a wide variety of palates and other preferences. There are a few that stand out as being his very best. These two from the 2013 Reserva line are definitely strong contenders. The Noella, in particular, is spectacular. The draw is flawless and the head bellows heavy satin sheets of intoxicating cocoa and buttery vanilla ice cream smoke. The foot only gently leaks any of this goodness thanks to its perfect burn.
‘Don Carlos’ by Arturo Fuente: This line, and its siblings such as the Hemingway and Short Story, are arguably the best cameroon cigars in production today. No one has mastered the cameroon wrapper like Arturo Fuente and these cigars are proof of that. Each presents the sweet, herbal and coffee notes of the cameroon wrapper with wonderful accuracy and balance. They are light but very flavorful cigars.
‘Anniversario’ 1964 and 1926 by Padron: These famous cigars are probably not news to you, but they remain among the top rated cigars in the world for good reason. Padron cigars smoke with distinctively rich coffee and chocolate notes, draw and burn with famous ease and control, and present brilliant white ash. The tobacco is well aged, geniously blended, and perfectly rolled. This is one of the most constantly excellent cigars ever made and it goes really very well with a cup of coffee.
‘L’Atelier’ 46 by Tatuaje: Unlike the other two sizes of this blend from Pete Johnson, the 46 is full of earthy, chocolaty goodness. It smokes with a much more full bodied nature, delivery heavy hits of dark chocolate, leather, and roasted almonds. This line is truly ground breaking and deserves more attention.
‘Domus Magnus Centuriones’ by Casa Magna: This cigar is spicy, intensely flavorful, and powerful, but shockingly smooth and refined. I honestly have to say there are few cigars that manage to pack so much punch so softly. The very silky, oily wrapper has a reddish hue that by itself is enticing. Many cigars share flavor and aroma characteristics with others. This cigar tends to stand almost alone and presents the smoker with a very enlightening experience.
‘Rothchildes’ by Illusione: This medium bodied cigar sports a San Andreas maduro wrapper and brings some awesome flavor and aroma to the market at a very affordable price. I detect cocoa powder and roasted almonds on the tongue, and a rich coffee nose. The draw and burn are great.
‘Dominant 13th’ by Avo: This is the 2013 limited edition cigar from Avo Uvezian. Naturally, the box contains 13 cigars. This is a powerful, strongly aromatic, tasty cigar and is as well balanced as we expect from Avo Uvezian. This cigar is profoundly rich and it packs a serious headiness. As one might expect it smokes like a top-end cigar.
Hope to see you soon!
John Ohm
Owner, J&J Cigars
Cigar Happy Hour – Tuesdays At J&J Cigars!
Every Tuesday from 3:00 until 6:00, J&J Cigars is hosting Seattle’s First “Cigar Happy Hour”!
The 1st cigar you purchase from our featured list each Tuesday during Cigar Happy Hour is 50% off!!  This is a great opportunity to try some fantastic new cigars at an incredible price!
So come down and join us every Tuesday this month from 3:00pm until 6:00pm and your 1st featured cigar on the Happy Hour menu for that day is 50% off!!
About J&J Cigars
John Ohm of J&J Cigars has always catered to the needs of the discriminating cigar enthusiast.  Specializing in hard-to-find premium boutique cigar brands, you will find the walk-in humidor of J&J Cigars replete with the finest selection in Seattle.
Not sure what cigars to try?  Ask John or one of his friendly and knowledgeable Tobacconists for a recommendation and they will be more than happy to help you choose something for your enjoyment.
In need of cigars for Corporate events, Wedding parties, or general Get-togethers?  John Ohm and his staff will be glad to assemble cigar packages custom tailored to your specific needs!
Be sure to stop by or call for the best selection in Seattle, whether fine hand-crafted cigars, premium lighters, handmade briar smoking pipes, or all your humidification needs, J&J Cigars is here for you.

J&J Cigars – SODO
3207 1st Avenue S.
Seattle, WA 98134

(206) 724-0111

Mon – Fri:    11:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday:     1:00pm – 8:00pm
Sunday:                       Closed


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