E.P. Carrillo INCH Series

Another in the Manly Cigar series, the over 60 crowd.

Translation: over 60 ring gauge. Massive cigars!

  • Vitola: No. 64
  • Length: 6 1/8″
  • Ring Gauge: 64
  • Wrapper Color: Natural
  • Body: Medium to Full
  • Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Ecuador

Anyway, other than some imperfections in the wrapper, the cigar starts out kinda peppery. The draw was loose and airy, but produced some major plumes of smoke with minimal puff. Wasn’t all that bad really. Medium to full bodied, not the straightest burn, but that’s to be expected with what looks like a damaged wrapper.

Pepper diminishes somewhat about a third of the way through and the draw becomes less airy. Still has big clouds of smoke with minimal effort. Quit enjoyable!

What did I think overall? 

Honestly, I had my doubts that I would like it, but again, never judge a cigar by the first few puffs. It turned out to be a terrific smoke! Loved the smoothness and medium to full bodied flavor – really a cigar that I could smoke any time of day – little pepper all through it, but just the right amount.

I paired it with an ice-cold glass of my finest water. (hah) Yes, water. I’m giving my body a break after going out with friends last night – ate and drank way too much. The water was a nice change in my cigar routine too – cleanse the palette.

The one thing that would improve this cigar is if they could make it a little less airy. Now it could be that I’m smoking a reject, I mean basically if you look at the wrapper it’s not in real good shape, so I’m guessing that was the cause of the extra air getting into the draw, but other than that, it’s right on the money.

Would I buy one again? 
Technically this was given to me, but yes, I would gladly buy one. Kinda like these manly cigars… 🙂
Side Notes:

I finally made it up to the Lit Cigar Lounge on Friday night, first time this year, had a chance to talk to my friend Josh, the Lit manager. The Good news is that the 3rd Annual Washington Cigar and Spirits Festival will be held in October this year. He told me about a few minor changes in the number of vendors, but all-in-all it looks like it’ll be even better than last year. If you’ve missed the last two, make sure not to miss this one – it is by far the BEST cigar event around!

Josh also mentioned potential plans to expand the lounge. They’re thinking about doubling the size by taking over the gift shop next door. He’ll find out soon it that will be a reality or not. Stay tuned!

PS – While I was up at the Lit, I had a chance to smoked an Alec Bradly American, paired with a Woodford Reserve bourbon with a splash of seven. Very surprised how much I like the AB American, but then again I really haven’t found an AB that I don’t like. Excellent cigar at a reasonable price! Try it out!


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