Lit Email Newsletter 2/19/13 March 10 Event: Jameson & Spring Cleaning

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Upcoming Events

The RSVP only Montecristo Epic and Aberlour tasting scheduled for February 25 in Lit from 6-8pm is full! If you are on the list and are unable to attend, please contact me so that we can free up any remaining spots for other guests.

Our next event in Lit will be on Sunday, March 10 from 4-7pm. We’ll be joined by Jameson’s whiskey ambassador, the lovely Sibeal Bird. Sibeal hails from Ireland and as we approach St. Patrick’s Day, what better time to try some of their famous whiskeys and learn about this storied brand?

We’ll also be doing a little spring cleaning in our humidor. We’ll have some great deals on a variety of brands as we make way for 2013’s anticipated new releases. There’s also a twist! We will unveil our wheel of prizes, and with a qualifying purchase, you’ll be able to spin the wheel for a chance at winning some extremely rare cigars, including the 2012 Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserva, Tatuaje Monster #5 (The Mummy) and the Añejo #77 Shark!
Mark your calendars for this great Sunday afternoon event!
Whiskey Spotlight

For a limited time, we’ll be featuring the Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey at Lit.

Bernheim is a unique product in that it is a straight wheat whiskey, meaning the mash is at least 51% wheat, whereas Bourbon is at least 51% corn.

This gives this whiskey a softer quality and considerably less sweetness than its bourbon brethren. Here’s a good review of Bernheim for those of you who’d like to learn a little more.

Try it at Lit while we have it on the shelf!

Those of you who are enjoy Makers Mark, which is a straight bourbon with wheat as part of the mash bill, may enjoy the profile of Bernheim and its soft full flavor. Also, like Makers, it goes great in a Manhattan!

Happy Smoking!



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