Ventura Cigars

I received two (free) cigars from Ventura Cigar Company a couple weeks back – I just happened to spot a promotion they were having in the August issue of Cigar Aficionado magazine (page 60-61). Sweet deal too, didn’t even have to pay for shipping!

Anyway, the cigars they sent me were:

Pura Sangre Churchill
Wrapper: Viso Habano Colorado (Nicaragua)
Filler (Condega, Esteli, Jalapa)

Estilo Cubano Toraso
Wrapper: Viso Habano (Nicaragua)
Filler blend: Seco Habano Jamastran (Honduras)
                       Ligero Hanbano (Esteli and Costa Rica)

So what did I think?
I liked them both a lot, but the Estilo Cubano was more my style – more flavorful, fuller-bodied, and in my opinion, better taste! Now that being said, if I were in a cigar store and I came across both of these side-by-side, without a doubt I would pick the Pura Sangre. Why? Prettier, of course. Beautiful dark chocolate wrapper, eye catching label, great size and shape, to me it looked far superior than the Estilo.

You know what they say:  “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Would I buy it again? 
Well, these were free, but I plan on buying the Estilo Cubano very soon! Delicious smoke!

You know, I applaud Ventura Cigars for having this little, well, not so little, promotion. I’m sure it cost them a small fortune, but after trying their product, I’m sure they’ll easily get a return on their investment. Honestly I doubt I would have ever tried these cigars had they not been dropped in my lap, especially the Estilo, which is kind of an ugly duckling, but boy it delivers in the taste department – fantastico!

Nice job Ventura – You’ve got a new customer!

Side note:
Seafair this week – saw one of the Blue Angels buzz around Boeing Field today. Very impressive!


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