My Father Cigars Event/Tobacco Patch Friday

I noticed this sign out in front of the Tobacco Patch the other day…

Looks like My Father Cigars will have an Event this coming Friday (July 20th) from 6pm to 9pm. I’ll let you know what the deals are as soon as I find out. Wonder why I never get an advance mailing on this stuff?


Speaking of events – we went to the Diamond Crown event last Friday down at the Patch. We got there too late to meet the cigar rep, but we did buy a few cigars – some good deals too!

Anyway, great turnout – had to have been 20-30 guys out front smoking cigars. It was fun!

You know I’ll be honest with you, the Tobacco Patch is one of the few places in Kirkland where cigar smoking isn’t frowned upon, or maybe just not frowned upon as much as other places, like the VIP seating over at Starbucks, which is only a block away. The Patch is just a better location in my opinion, fewer people giving you “the look”, if you know what I mean…

Anyhow, when we were at the event last Friday night, my lovely wife filled out one of the raffle tickets that you get when you buy something. You’ll never guess who won this lovely ashtray?

Hard to believe, but true! Thanks Tobacco Patch!


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