Avo La Trompeta

This is one of the best looking cigars that you’ll ever come across. Beautiful dark rich color wrapper, eye catching label, pyramid top, and those gimmicky three little dots lined up in a row,  presumably representing the valves on a trumpet. Pretty neat really, and it definitely says “buy-me” all over it!

I smoked this cigar on Memorial Day, paired it with an excellent glass of single malt scotch.

So what did I think? 

Meh, it was OK, nothing to write home about. (that’s just my opinion)

Burn was slightly uneven and the draw was tight, didn’t deliver the big smoke that I like. Medium bodied taste with a little pepper. Personally I thought it improved greatly toward the end; smoothed out quite nice. Biggest complaint was the draw – way too much work.

Oh well, doubt I’d buy one again.

Few local items…

I noticed that the Cohiba humidor up at the Lit Lounge has been given away. I was up there on Friday night and Josh (el Jefe) gave the bad news that I didn’t win. CRAP! I had the perfect place for it too…

In downtown Kirkland, the Lodge Sports Grille has finally opened its doors to the public. Their claim to fame: 55 draught beers – My kind of place! We were down there on Saturday night, their first official night open to the public. I was really impressed at how good it was, especially since this was their FIRST day! Anyway, great food, excellent service, reasonable prices, and of course an amazing number of beers on tap. We’ll be going back, that’s for sure! (other restaurant located in Mukilteo)

Another little item – I walked by the Heathman Hotel the other day and saw a sign out front saying that they’re closed till August 1 due to an unforeseen catastrophe. This is a BIG hotel too! Here’s the official word from their website:

The Heathman Hotel has experienced a main waterline malfunction resulting in significant damage to the hotel, spa and restaurant. The entire property will be closed until August 1, allowing for repairs and renovations.

Insurance cover that?

And lastly, we were at the Patch on Saturday night – enjoyed a fine cigar with the gang. Few new faces: Rob, Oleg and Stan. Nice meeting you guy! Let’s do it again soon, OK?

Anyone notice that this was the sixth sunny weekend in a row? Is that a record for here?



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