Casa Fuente Reserva Superior Limitada

Another nice weekend here in the Pacific Northwest, perfect weather for enjoying a fine cigar “outdoors!” 

We were down at the Tobacco Patch on Friday night, quite a good turn out, saw a few guys that I haven’t seen in ages. It was fun, plus this was probably the first Friday night that we didn’t freeze our butts off!

Anyway, a couple of weeks back, Kirkland #1 Chris was over at the house for the cigar get-together and he brought along a beautiful box of Casa Fuente cigars that he had picked up in Las Vegas the week before.

Yeah, I had to have a couple…

Casa Fuente Reserva Superior Limitada

Corona Gorda — 5 5/8 x 46

So I smoked the first one the week before with the gang at the cigar get-together, and the second was down at the Patch on Friday night.

So what did I think? 
I remember saying to Chris at the get together: “Oh man, this is an excellent cigar!” Yeah, I loved it! Very smooth taste, perfect burn, and a good draw! Actually, the draw might be a little tight compared to say an Alec Bradley Tempus, which I just smoked on Sunday, but it still delivers plenty of rich smoke. BTW, that Tempus is one helluva smoke bomb – and I mean that in a good way!

Would I buy one again? Well, seeing how you can only buy these in Vegas I’d have to say “hell yes!” Damn good cigars!

Thanks Chris for bringing the box over! 


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