Help See HB1683, the Cigar Bar and Cigar Lounge Bill Become Law!


Dear Rain City Cigar customer,

As you know, we have been working very hard to change the state smoking ban so as to allow the return of Cigar Bars and Cigar Lounges in cigar stores. We have talked with you extensively about it and said that when the time for action came we would let you know.


Representative Ross Hunter, chair of the House Ways & Means committee was given some bad information on HB 1683, the CIGAR BAR legislation. The opposition conducted a telephone poll in December that resulted in a claim that 71% of voters oppose a change to the voter approved 2005 Clean indoor Air Act.

The problem is the question asked has no resemblance at all to the proposed legislation. As you may have guessed, the question was highly misleading. In fact had I been contacted with this question and was uninformed about the proposed legislation, I would have sided with them. Perhaps, if they had gone one step further and suggested the legislation allowed smoking in schools and churches they may have received 100%!!!

The question posed was:
There is a proposal to change Washington’s clean indoor air law and allow cigar smoking in dedicated areas of some stores, restaurants, and bars. In general do you strongly support, somewhat support, somewhat oppose, or strongly oppose this change to the state’s clean indoor air law?

The legislation in HB 1683 does not allow for an open season on public smoking. Rather it allows for only dedicated cigar bars, and cigar lounges in retail tobacco stores. It does not allow for smoking in stores, restaurants or bars as was stated. HB 1683 provides for tobacco licensing standards, a limited number of dedicated cigar venues; state of the art clean air systems, employee protection provisions, and it will add millions to Washington State revenues.

Please contact Rep. Ross Hunter, by email or by telephone
360-786-7936 and urge him to reconsider the facts and to pass HB 1683.

Also if you would please copy Rep. Reuven Carlyle, the prime sponsor HB 1683, to show that his efforts to pass this legislation are appreciated and supported. Reuven’s
e-mail is or by telephone 360-786-7814.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

With kind regards,

Joe Arundel
President, Cigar Association of Washington

This effort to restore our cigar bars has been underway for some years. Now we are on the threshold of seeing it become a reality. Please take a moment and do your part to help push this legislation across the finish line!


Event Staff
Rain City Cigar


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