Tabak Especial

Drew Estates Tabak Especial Robusto Negra

This cigar has been collecting dust in my humidor for a while now, I’m assuming that it was included in a sampler-pack that I ordered because I sure don’t remember buying it. Not a big fan of flavor-infused cigars, the wifey-poo loves them, but me, well, let’s just say that I was curious today.

Anyway, since this stick has been hiding in my humidor since I don’t know when, it’s looking a little weathered – the label is dull, maybe faded, that oily sheen on the wrapper is gone, and then there’s that shaggy foot, which really gives the cigar a rugged, aged look. The one thing that hadn’t changed was its aroma. In fact, I’ve been keeping this cigar separate from the rest of the gang so that the flavor/taste didn’t bleed over to my other sticks.

Skipping to the bottom line: Believe it or not, I liked it. Incredibly smooth, nice easy draw, medium-body, and a pleasant sweet taste on your lips.The sweet taste was strong at first, not a nasty type of strong, but strong like: “Wow, what is that? Coffee? Espresso?” Who knows really, but it was different. I bet my lovely wife would flip over these!

What I liked overall was that the sweetness faded away and the full-flavored taste of the cigar came through. Yeah, I was surprised at how good this smoked.

Would I buy one? I’d have to say “Yes”. It’s pleasantly different and a nice change of pace.

Nice job Drew Estates! 

Don’t forget this coming Saturday is the Toraño Event up at the Lit Cigar Lounge from 5pm to 9pm. My good friend Alex will be there with some great deals on the Exodus 1959, Master, Loyal and Vault lines.

Perfect timing – I need another box of Masters!

Hope to see you up there!


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