Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve

A few weeks back when I was up at the Lit Cigar Lounge, I asked my friend Josh (El Jefe), what cigar he likes to smoke? He held up the cigar that he was smoking at the moment and said: “I really like this one”. He was smoking the Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve. I replied back to him: “I don’t think I’ve seen those in the humidor?” He told me that they’re kind of hidden in the back – probably something to do with it being a limited release.

Anyway, last weekend I had an opportunity to try one while I was in the bar.

6 1/4 x 50 box-pressed Torpedo
Wrapper: Connecticut Broad-leaf Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua

So what did I think? Josh was right, GREAT cigar! Exceptionally smooth, medium-bodied, full flavored smoke. Really, really nice draw and a flawless burn. I love the box-pressed torpedo shape as well – just feels right in your hand. I paired it with a glass of Zaya rum, on the rocks. Oh man, what a perfect combo!

Would I buy one again? If they still have them, YES! Apparently Josh only has one box left. (limited release).

Speaking of the Lit Cigar Lounge, they’ve got a little contest going on where if you buy a Cohiba Capa Reserva 2011 (6 different sizes, limited production), you’ll be entered to win the beautiful Cohiba humidor that they’ve got on display up there.

Let me tell you that this humidor is even nicer than the Partagas humidor they had for the last contest. The photo doesn’t do it justice, it is very, very cool, probably holds a million cigars. God, I’ve gotta win this – Please! Please!!

Side note: Snowed 8″ at my house yesterday – Winter is here! I know what you’re thinking: 8″ is nothing. Well, if Seattle were flat-like-a-pancake, we’d have no issues too, but unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at, it’s nothing but hills and mountains out here, plus an abundance of California drivers. Yeah, look-out when it snows here!


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