Carlos Toraño Noventa

Just a quick note about the Re-Lit Event on New Year’s Eve up at the Snoqualmie Casino – GREAT TIME! Live music, comfortable seating, plenty of booze, friendly staff, and of course the main reason you came up here in the first place: “Enjoy a fine cigar!

What they did this year was set up an area for us in that long corridor section right in front of the main ballroom entry doors. You’ve probably seen it before, good size area, maybe triple the size of the Lit Lounge, plenty big for a NYE party.
Josh my friend, you really know how to please the cigar smoking community. My wife and I, and I’m sure the rest of the gang, had a night to remember. Job well done!

Anyway, did you have a nice Holiday? Mine was most enjoyable! Got some pretty cool gifts too (new camera, single malt scotch, cigars, etc…). We had planned on spending the week after Xmas in Europe or Mexico, but we waited too long to buy our tickets and missed out on going. I’ve got to tell you though, the week after Christmas has got to be the most expensive week of the year to travel. JEEZus! The secret is to make your travel plans months in advance, that’s what we did last year when we booked our New Year’s Eve cruise in the Caribbean. It’s all in the planning…(next NYE I’ll be in South America!)

OK, so I wanted to tell you about a cigar that I’ve been smoking lately:

Carlos Toraño Noventa Santiago
5″x 50 (robusto) 

I saw these online for an amazing price, plus they threw in “free shipping“. Holy crap, I couldn’t resist the deal, especially since they were Toraños. (favorite cigar: Masters)

Anyway, I’ve been smoking these exclusively for a couple of weeks now and I’ve got to tell you that they kind of grow on you. No kidding. I like ’em! Jeez, for the price I frickin LOVE them!

The first time I smoked one, just before I lit it up, I took a little whiff of the wrapper, then asked my lovely wife: “hey Honey, what’s this smell like?” She said: “kinda like a barn”. Yes indeed I said, it does kind of have that barnyard aroma to it, and I mean that in a good way. In my opinion, its rich chocolate color wrapper has an aroma of a very fine cigar. Wonder why these never sold?

So how did it smoke? For me, great! Medium-bodied, a little firm on the draw at times, beautiful white ash, and extremely smooth.  An occasional hint of sweetness to its rich taste kept me interested. The flavor is consistent throughout.

So how does it compare to the almighty Masters Series? Well, that’s a different story. I hold that cigar pretty high on my list, but the Noventa does pretty good measuring up against it. I definitely will pickup a few more of these. They’re good!

Well, I’ll probably head up to the Casino again tonight for a cigar at the Lit, just too cold and crappy to go downtown Kirkland. Heck, the Kirkland group will probably be up there anyway!

Happy New Year gang! I’m glad you took the time to stop by and read my stupid little blog. It’s good fun for me and I hope it’s entertaining enough for you. Let me know if have any comments, I’d love to hear what you’re smoking?

Take care,

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