Lou Rodriguez Edicion Reserve Maduro

Lou Rodriguez Maduro
Edicion Reserve Robusto 5 x 50

WRAPPER: San Andres
BINDER: Nicaragua
FILLER: Proprietary Nicaraguan Blend

Nice… I smoked this on Sunday while doing a little computer work out in the garage. The garage? Yes, the garage. It’s kind of my “man-cave”, but also it’s the only place “inside” my house where smoking isn’t prohibido – Hey, when the weather’s crappy, this works just fine.

Anyway, I really liked this maduro – great draw, perfect burn, tons of smoke and a very smooth medium-bodied taste. My only advice is that you smoke it slowly. It’s not a nicotine-bomb, but it can sneak up on you.

Would I recommend it? Heck yes! Very nice smoke indeed. I would have preferred it to be just a tad sweeter, but overall it was great!

Cusano 18 Double Connecticut
Robust 5 x 50

I smoked this cigar on Saturday night out on my back deck. Of course it started raining just as I lit it up. Not a real big deal, the house has an awning that gives just enough protection to keep one from getting drenched. Thank-God…

So the cigar looks good, however this one had a slight ammonia smell to the wrapper. That’s usually not a good thing. It turned out to be not all that bad though. Burn and draw were perfect, amount of smoke was excellent, taste was OK. It started out kind of crappy, but improved as it went along. Nice medium-bodied smoke at the end. No complaints.

Would I recommend it? Not really. Had this cigar started like it finished, it would have been stellar. Oh well…

Side note: Tried out a new restaurant over in Bellevue the other day with some friends: Amazon Grill. Yes, another churrascaria (BBQ) on the Eastside. It was pretty good, much better than Novilhos over in Factoria. The one thing that I might recommend if you ever try this place out is that you DON’T eat anything wrapped in bacon. (unless of course your stomach is made of cast-iron)



2 Responses to “Lou Rodriguez Edicion Reserve Maduro”

  1. If you want a sweeter maduro, try my Premier blend. It is very similar blend but with less ligero.

  2. Thanks Lou – I’ll definitely give it a try!

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