Room 101 Connecticut

Can you remember the last time we had weather this nice on Labor Day weekend? Jeez, it was gorgeous!

So one of the cigars that I had high hopes for over the weekend….

Room 101 Connecticut
315 (Robusto): 5 x 50

Meh… it was OK. The burn started out bad with some major canoeing, but luckily straightened-out after about a third smoked. I didn’t care much for the overall appearance, I thought the wrapper and label looked somewhat cheap – just an opinion. Best part of the cigar was the final third, that’s when I thought the flavor improved quite a bit. One other item on the positive side is the billows of smoke that this stick produces – very nice!

It’s not a bad cigar, but I doubt I’d actually go out of my way to buy one.

Now on the other hand, I was talking to my friend Chris and he said that he also smoked the Room 101 Connecticut over the weekend and he liked it. Go figure!

I have one more of these in my humidor, I’m going to let it age a bit.

Few other cigars from the long weekend:

Rockey Patel The Edge Maduro – Didn’t like it. In fact, it was so bad that I put it out. That’s pretty bad for me to do that. Stick was hard as rock, terrible draw and a taste that matched the draw. Total waste.

Oliva Serie V – Bought this to replace the Edge. Excellent cigar, loved every minute of it. Not many cigars better than this.

Murcielago Maduro – Outstanding cigar. Love the box press and dark oily wrapper. Smooth and delicious taste.

Casa Fernandez – Excellent cigar in every category. Don’t know why we don’t see more of these? They’re a fantastic smoke!

Side note: Anyone notice the big forest fire that’s going on over on the Olympic Mountains? You can see the plumes of smoke big-time from Kirkland.


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