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Probably the nicest guy I met at the Seattle Cigar Expo was Sean Williams with El Primer Mundo cigars. Honestly I thought he was a celebrity or pro-ball player, he just has that star-power about him. Super nice guy though. This was his first trip up to Seattle and he was surprised at how nice the weather was. Heck, so was I, and I live here – blue sky and 85º is a rarity in my neighborhood.

Just a little note about the Seattle Cigar Expo – GREAT, GREAT event! The people who put this together did a superb job and I’m already looking forward to next year. Some might say that the $150 price tag was a little high? In my opinion – No way! For what you got in return I’d say it was a bargain. The entertainment, the food, the booze, and of course the cigars, all added up to a phenomenally good time, plus the higher price probably kept out the riff-raff. If you’re a cigar enthusiast, I highly recommend that you plan on attending next year – don’t miss it!

Anyway, skipping ahead…

Friday night we went to the Buenos Aires Grill in Seattle for dinner. I’ve got to tell you that the place has gone down hill since the last time I was there about a year ago. Food quality and presentation have gone way down, plus no Tango – what’s up with that!??

So after a mediocre dinner it was time to enjoy a fine cigar, we stopped by the Patch. I had packed the cigar that Sean gave me at the Expo –  El Primer Mundo Liga Miami. Big-ass Churchill. He said it was for the VIP’s.  Nice touch Sean…

Overall I liked it – size, draw, burn and flavor were all right on the money for a mild cigar. Yes, I thought it was somewhat mild. For me this would be a great morning cigar with a rich cup of coffee, at least that’s how I picture smoking the next one. I’ll grab my Sunday newspaper, sit out on the back deck with my coffee and cigar, no interruptions, and just escape for an hour or so. La dolce vita, no?

OK, Saturday I was down at the Patch again, my lovely wife next to me. You know when it’s nice weather, Kirkland can be a pretty cool place – loads of people, pretty good restaurants, and probably more cigars smokers than anywhere else in King County, with the possible exception of the Lit Lounge and the Vertigo Club. 😉

Gorgeous evening though. I brought along a San Lotano Maduro. Beautiful dark wrapper, box press, robusto size. Very nice…

What did I think? Loved it. Flavor, strength and draw, all exceptionally good. What will really draw your attention is the amount of smoke this stick puts out. Sheesh, it’s a smoke-bomb! And believe me, I mean that in a good-way. Volumes of rich creamy smoke. Great cigar! (Thanks Clay!)

BTW Clay, if you happen to be reading this – my lovely wife made an observation about the maduro the other day. You see I had just taken the San Lotano label off the cigar so only the Maduro label was showing. Well, my wife said that the cigar looks “prettier” without the San Lotano label – her words, not mine. But you know what, it kind of does look better with just the simple maduro label. Amazing, but true. Leave it to my designer wife….

Sunday night out on the deck, I cracked open a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon. My better-half bought me a bottle of that and a bottle of Oban single malt Scotch for our wedding (33rd) anniversary. Yeah, I’m a lucky guy, I think I’ll keep her. 😉

Anyway, I grabbed a Padron 1964 Anniversary Maduro robusto from my humidor. Boy, talk about a firm cigar – this sucker is hard as a rock, you could probably use it as a nail. Surprisingly, for this being such a tightly wrapped cigar, the draw is quite good. No, not even half as much smoke as the San Lotano, but overall it is an excellent smoke. Strength and flavor were perfect – medium to full-bodied and exceptionally smooth taste. I really enjoyed it, especially with a glass of bourbon, no ice, neat. Now you’re talkin!

Looking forward to the Holiday weekend coming up. What will you be smoking?


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