Ashton ESG & Alec Bradley Tempus

“Bite of Seattle” and “Kirkland UN-Corked” were last weekend. Generally speaking these are two very big events, unless of course it rains! You guessed it, crappy weather all weekend long, not a lot of rain, but overall it was cold and cloudy the whole time – minuscule crowds compared to what should have been. Planners are probably shooting themselves right about now… Oh well…
Anyway, we were up at the Lit Cigar Lounge on Friday night. By the way, make sure to get your tickets for the Washington Cigar and Spirits Festival that’s coming up in October. It’s going to sell-out. Josh, El Jefe up at the Lit told me how many tickets were available and believe me there ain’t a helluva lot of ’em! I bought mine just to play it safe…

Anyhow, a while back I smoked an Alec Bradley Tempus Centuria up here – great cigar, just loved it. So I decided to buy another one last Friday. I’ve got to tell you that the first 10 minutes were identical to the one that I had previously – excellent cigar, perfect in every category. However, after 10 minutes of heaven it started running into major problems – it was plugged. I couldn’t get any smoke out of it. I’d puff away like a madman, but no dice. CRAP! Surprisingly after a while it would kind of come back to life – loads of delicious smoke, great taste, but a minute later it was like sucking a marble through a straw. No fun at all. Needless to say I gave up on it. Too bad too, because it has so much potential.
No ratings for this one this time….

Saturday we went out to dinner over in the U-Dist. There’s a Brazilian restaurant out there that has the BEST “feijoada” in town, well, maybe it’s the only place in town that serves it, but Holy Cow, it is without a doubt the most delicious feijoada I’ve ever tasted, even better than the one I make. God it was good. Anyway, if you’re interested the place is called “Tempero do Brasil” and it’s located on the “Ave” up by Ravenna. Service and prices are excellent! It may not be the fanciest place in the U-District, but boy-howdy it’s got some great food!

So after a BIG high-carb meal like that I’ve just gotta have a bold cigar:

Ashton ESG – Estate Sun Grown
23 Year Salute – 6.25 x 52

We stopped by the Patch and sat down with the group. I thought there would have been more people here, especially with the UN-Corked event going on just a block away, but I guess the weather might have been a deterrent.

Anyway, so what did I think of the Ashton? Well, my first thought was: “Does Ashton even make a bad cigar?” I mean it seems like every Ashton I’ve smoked lately has been “stellar,” this one included. Smooth, yet bold taste from start to finish. Not a nicotine bomb or anything, just a very, very fine cigar.
Would I buy one again? Hell yes!

My Rating: 9+

Side note: Don’t forget about the Seattle Cigar Expo. I know I haven’t mentioned it in a while, but it’s coming up pretty quick. Those VIP tickets look pretty tempting! Unfortunately I had to buy the General admission ticket for fear of being disowned by the wifey-poo….

Oh well, I’ll be there for sure!

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