Partagas 150

I had to go up to the Snoqualmie Casino over the weekend, still needed to buy my tickets for the Lit Smoker’s Series #7 that’s coming up on the 26th. I hate procrastinating, but sometimes it just happens.

Anyway, we gambled for a while and then headed over to the Lit Lounge for a fine cigar and libations.

So I noticed in the last Lit Newsletter that they had some rare Partagas cigars –

From the newsletter:

The Partagas 150 cigar is an extremely limited line that was produced in 1995 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Partagas brand. Now 16 years later, we have 110 cigars as part of a limited edition Partagas 150 cigar chest. The very last of these cigars were packed into 100 beautiful humidors. We’re selling the cigars individually and giving a drawing ticket to everyone who buys a cigar, for one chance to win this humidor. The cigar alone is worth the price, with its 33 year old wrapper and 16 years of age since it was rolled, but on top of that you can walk away with a gorgeous humidor. As soon as all the cigars are sold, we’ll be drawing for the humidor.

With all the hype I just had to check it out.

So these cigars are pretty expensive $$$. I think the last time I paid this much for a cigar was years ago up in Canada; bought an expensive Cuban. Anyway, I think what convinced me to buy it was the chance to win the Partagas 150 chest. OMG, it’s SUPER nice! I have no clue as to where I might put this gigantically beautiful piece of work, but believe me I’m going to clear a spot for it. So Josh, if you’re reading this post, just let me know when it’s time to come pickup my new shrine of a humidor, OK?

So what did I think of the cigar? Meh… (Jeez did I say that out loud?) I’m probably the worst person to evaluate a cigar like this, I mean it was a good cigar, excellent draw, loads of smoke, mild flavor, but honestly I am not able to distinguish all the subtle nuances of a cigar of this caliber. I did like it though, in fact I thought it tasted like another cigar that I’ve had recently, I just can’t seem to place the name right now. Getting old, I guess.

Would I buy one again? If it will get me any closer to that humidor – YES!

My Rating: 8.5

Side note:
I went to the Casino over the weekend to buy tickets for the upcoming Lit Series #7, that was my primary mission – I wanted to save a few bucks by not buying them at Ticketmaster. Well as luck would have it, the box office at the Casino closed about an hour before the time I showed up at the window. Crap! Oh well, I drove over to Fred Meyers on Sunday and bought the tickets at Ticketmaster.

See you all on Saturday!


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