El Triunfador Lancero (SODO Blend)

Friday night at the Patch, not a bad turn out, mainly because it wasn’t raining or freezing cold. This would turn out to be the calm before the storm though, the “Pineapple Express” moved in on Saturday and Sunday – temperatures in the upper 50’s, but a relentless rain that made life outdoors absolutely miserable.

Anyway, so Friday night I brought an Oliva Serie G with me from home down to the Patch, as you probably already know these are my “go-to” cigars – I like to keep a bunch of these on hand. I’m not going to say that they’re “weenie cigars”, but they’re mild enough to smoke anytime of day. The Cameroon wrapper gives it a sweet, smooth taste, just delicious in my opinion.

So while I was at the Patch on Friday, I had a nice chat with the author of “Paint.net“, he swings by every now and then. I love talking to this guy because he’s so damn smart, plus I use his photo editing program religiously. If you’re ever looking for a quick and simple alternative to GIMP or Photoshop, give Paint.net a try – it’s a pretty cool program.

Saturday night, warm, but pouring down rain, we headed up to the Casino. After playing the slots for a while and doubling our money (nice!), we headed over to the Lit Lounge for a cigar. I was going to buy something that I hadn’t tried before, but those damn Cuban Stock box press cigar were calling me, I had to have it. GREAT cigars, much more complex than the Oliva’s, plus these are smoke bombs – volumes and volumes of rich smooth clouds of smoke. I loved it!

Quite a few Kirkland boys up there – Always a good time at the Lit!

OK, now onto Sunday, the day that I was looking forward to trying out this El Triunfador Lancero SODO blend, I’d held off from smoking it all week long just because I told myself that I would smoke it on Sunday while watching the Seahawk game. Guess what happen? I never smoked it. UGH! I caught the cold-from-hell on Sunday and there was no way that I was going to smoke anything. Felt like crap, maybe not as crappy as the Seahawks are feeling, but definitely too sick to even think about it.

So you’ll have to wait another week for my comments on the SODO blend. So sad…

In the meantime check out Sir Godfather’s review: SODO Blend
Or Señor Cristóbal’s review here: El Truinfador
Both these guys know their cigars and I value highly their judgement. Check it out if you have a chance!

Side note:
Congrats to our guest writer Chris – he was just married on Saturday!
We’re wishing you and your bride all the best my friend!

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