Oliva Serie O Maduro

Just got back from eight fantastic days in Mexico. We’ve been to just about every corner of the country now, but we’d never been to Mazatlan. Why Mazatlan? Well, lame as it might sound, I had an Alaska Airlines Companion ticket that I wanted to use and Mazatlan just happened to be an Alaska Airlines destination that we hadn’t been to. (always looking for ways to save money)
We stayed at a resort & spa located to the north of town, quite a ways north up in Nuevo Mazatlan. This is probably the best hotel that I’ve stayed at in Mexico, everything was perfect or better, plus we had miles and miles of beach all to ourselves.

So anyway, I packed a variety of Oliva cigars and one Casa Magna just in case I didn’t find any legitimate Cubans. Sure enough, I found plenty of counterfeits! I’ve done my homework on what a legit Cohiba label should look like, I don’t plan on being burned again.
I saved the Oliva Serie O Maduro for the last night of my vacation. All the other cigars I’ve tried at one time or another and I knew that they would all be superb, and they were!
The Serie O Maduro that I brought was a Robusto, a little shorter variety than the others that I’d packed. The wrapper was dark, but not too dark to worry about, not really an oily wrapper either. It looked good. I had a Piña Colada in hand, so I lit it up. First thought? Mellow, medium bodied cigar, smooth taste, no complaints. Smoked a bit more, let my lovely wife try it, she of course liked it as well. Believe me, she’d tell me right away if it was too strong for her, but no complaints. We kicked back, drank and enjoyed this fine cigar. Even towards the end it still held true to my opinion of Oliva cigars – probably the finest cigar on the market. It was the perfect ending to a flawless vacation. Boy, I needed it too…
My Rating: 9.85

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