Oliva Connecticut Reserve

On Friday I stopped by the Tobacco Patch and picked up a few cigars, one was this Oliva Connecticut Reserve Torpedo, I also grabbed another Casa Magna Colorado and one of the new Villiger cigars that has come out. I had already brought along with me one of my old faithful Oliva Series G, so I saved these three for another night. So here it is Sunday and I’ve been anxious to try this Torpedo since I bought it. So I’ve poured myself a large glass of Bass Pale Ale beer and headed out to the garage to check this cigar out. (too crappy to smoke out on the deck tonight)
First off, if you were to take the label off, you might think that it resembles a Montecristo No.2, same shape, color and feel, maybe just a touch softer wrapper though. So I lite it up – Hmmm, not bad. The taste right off the bat is smooth on the tongue and the volumes of smoke that I exhale are amazing. Personally I like cigars that are mild, but I think this one might actually be a tad too mild – amazing but true. This could almost be a “before dinner” cigar, or one of those cigars that you smoke while you’re doing something somewhat physical, like playing golf or working in the yard. (I don’t actually play golf, but if I did I could imagine myself smoking one of these on the 9th hole)
Half way through the cigar the flavor picks up a bit, also my beer is gone, so I’ve poured myself a glass of single malt Scotch (very nice). Still very surprised at how well this cigar burns, plus it draws extremely good. I’m not 100 percent sure that I would ever go out of my way to buy one of these, but I’d never turn one down if it was offered. Towards the end of the cigar it’s still holding up in the taste department, not quite as tasty as I’d like, but again it’s not bad. If I were to compare this Oliva to one of my favorite Olivas, I’d swear that this cigar must have come from a different tobacco company – it’s not quite what I’ve come to expect from this brand name. They’re good, but not great, I guess that’s the best way to sum it up…
My rating: 7.8

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